WELCOME…follow me on a a wonderful journey through Italy! I will take you to places I have been and also to sites I hope yet to see….we will enjoy this all with photos, a little history and of course italian lessons! If you have any questions please leave me a comment, or if you have places you are interested in and want some insight, I would be more than happy to broaden my horizons with more info for you! 
(Check notes for a list of words as I use them!)

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Age Looms….

Each stage of life  brings different emotions depending on the cracks in the sidewalk  as we move through it!

Creeping along we fail to fend off the wave of wrinkles and lines but continue to enjoy the journey.  Such is life!

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“The world is a…

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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Time to Return…

Italy 2013 071Italy 2013 079 Italy 2013 078 Italy 2013 076 Italy 2013 072 Italy 2013 084

I look at these photos and the bug to return bites me again!

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Life and Fam-Where’s the Roadmap?

Just got to thinking about family!  We all know the phrase you can pick your friends but not  ____….yup you got it!   It’s all interrelated with my Italy passion and coming from a culture that should be so tight!  Our family is not and it makes me wonder if we have the crazy genes that makes us disconnect and become addictive to vices we can’t ever climb out of!  Our fam is small but each of us have made our  lives harder by bad choices. Where is the master plan, who’s supposed to be the director of our lives or at least give us a good blueprint…mom or dad? Have come to the conclusion there IS a higher power, one closing doors and windows that could’ve given us a slight bit of a chance in the world of success!  Instead of bitterness and anger there should have been smiles and love and joy…   Where does it disappear to?  I need to find it before it’s too late and life has passed me by!

I think back to my travels, not only in my mind but the great journeys we were able to make as an army child and still I remember that even in the beautiful scenery and new friends there was always sadness….Maybe parents have to be a little more conscious of the effects they have on their children…the language, the actions and most definitely the affection! In our case, the lack of …To this day the hardest thing for me to do is reach out, hug someone or even tell them I love them…why?

Just like an alchoholic or a drug addict  behaviour is soooo hard to change.  I think that is why I return to a country that I visited often as a child…memories I keep chasing.  Even there  I don’t  find complete peace but I am giving it a dang good try!!!!!

I think I need the 12 step program to free me from my inner sadness!


Just saying!

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GRADO–>Take me away!



This place was my European therapy!

The trip was a graduation present for my son. A college buddy came with  and my mother!  I call her Rosebud….she is no rose and I hate to say it but my getaway’s to the beach truly were a respite from 2 80 year old’s..(my aunt too)…who when one finished talking the other would would start…non stop…all day annnnnd  nite! If you know anything about Italians…they are not quiet even when they think they are!!!!!

I drove my aunt’s little Fiat to Grado which is an experience in itself.  I don’t know how many times I was given the elbow or chin gesture….giving me directions maybe? The good thing is I didn’t have to  pray to hard to find a parking  place since I was pretty good at   manuevering  between trees, cars and trash bins. The fun part was always meandering thru the closed off streets looking at all the dress shops, ice cream parlors, hotels or just watching all the tourists pass by speaking in tongues.  (other than mine) You’re  breathing in the sea smells as you came close to the little marina and see all the fishing boats tied up waiting for their next trip out, trying to avoid looking at the dirty seeweed or floating fishies.   The seagulls hover over  the boats just coming in and you have to be real careful if you have any food in hand coz they swoop and soon you have nada thing!

Your biggest worries are should I get a gelato now or later….shop or have an espresso, relax or move on to the sun? What a life! And I live in Wisconsin why?

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Breaking Promises

I wanted to be so good about posting daily but just like my New Year’s resolutions,  down the tube again!  Well I am just going to have to pick my “skirt” tails up and try a little harder.  You know the reason sometimes is that I get lost in your blogs…kind of like Facebook…..  I click and then I click again and again and again and before you know it, light is dark and it’s bedtime!  That’s a kudos to you all for keeping me trapped in your great creations!  Thank You! 

So now I am going to try and revisit my wanderings so I can share them with you, hope you enjoy……………………………………..

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Hi Everyone,  my name is Sandy and I have been bitten by the travel bug!  I can’t seem to find the joy anymore in being in one place! So I decided to share the travels I have taken lately and maybe I can pretend I am traveling when I am not!  My writing is awful but I have the vision and passion for traveling so hopefully you will bear with me and help me out!  Italy is my passion, I have an aunt living there and spent the last two summers visiting and when I am home I am soooooo sad not being there!  Is it because we always want what we don’t have?

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This Castello is located in Trieste. A city with history both for Italy and my family!
Trieste lies in the northernmost part of the high Adriatic in northeast Italy, near the border with Slovenia. It is located at the head of the Gulf of Trieste on the Adriatic Sea with a population of around 200,000. It is the capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
Built mostly on a hillside that becomes a mountain, Trieste enjoys a unique and beautiful natural location as it is surrounded by the Carsic hills. The quality of life is high, and one’s leisure time can be spent in tourism, culture and sports without the drawbacks that affect larger Italian cities such as heavy traffic jams, smog, and delinquency.
It was a special city for me to visit with the guys because my mother met my father here! I have heard so many stories that I felt a huge connection with this beautiful seaport!
The guys had me walking the entire day and I so enjoyed their amazement at the history of this spectacular area!

The castle is a 15 / 20 min hike up hill from the centre of town…we of course took the bus, but the climb is worth it for the lovely view!
The castle is open to roam around the battlements and courtyard.
There is a fee to get in but a low one. Alex and Andy bought the whole package while I rested my weary bones only to join them a bit later for a wonderful lunch in their little indoor cafe! 

They took in the entire castello and musuem and found the Castello worth the trip!

I will try and post a video that shows il Castello with a bit of history!

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